Big Wheel Bagger Conversions
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Sinister Wheel has everything you need to convert your standard bike into the Big Wheel Bagger of your dreams. The only limits are your imagination. Come in and talk to one of our team members and we will help you refine your vision and create a plan of attack, so you can turn all the heads when you roll into the next rally on your new big wheel bagger.

We offer a wide variety of wheel sizes, and will adjust the rake and trail of your bike to ensure that your ride not only looks good, but feels comfortable for those long road trips. The rake and trail of a bike are a critical to the stability and maneuverability of your ride. When you come into Sinister Wheel you can be sure your motorcycle is in the hands of caring professionals who will take the time to walk through the specifics and treat your bike like their own.


Everyone has an opinion when it comes to choosing between spoked or billet wheels. Spoked wheels tend to give your ride a more classic look, while billet wheels require a little less maintenance to keep clean. Do some research, and think about what will work best for your bike and riding style. The truth is we build both types in house, and completely stand by both products. Whatever you choose you will be in good hands with Sinister Wheel.

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Billet Wheels

Your wheels are one of the most important parts of your bike, and are literally where the rubber hits the road. We personally build all our wheels, we can ensure that only the highest quality products are used every time. Sinister Wheels are built with 6061-T6 billet aluminum and cut on our own machines. When you choose Sinister you’re choosing quality. Simple as that.

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Spoked Wheels

Our line of spoked wheels is also completely built in house, and the entire job is overseen by a master craftsman who previously worked with Ana Motoring for over 25 years. All spoked wheels come with a billet aluminum soft outer lip, aluminum 6061-T6 chrome hub, and 3/8” thick 304 stainless steel spokes. Sinister wheels are not only top quality, but highly customizable. All components can be powder coated to any color, and diamond cut spokes and engraving are also available.

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Some wheel sizes may require you purchase fender spacers. Of course, we’ve got you covered at Sinister.

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If you have questions about fender spacers for your Sinister Wheels, just talk to one of our staff members.

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Big wheel bagger wheels come in many sizes. Most people fall somewhere in the middle.

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Their called BIG wheel bagger’s for a reason.

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A 32” wheel on your big wheel bagger says “go big or go home.“

Custom Rotors

If you’re getting Sinister Wheels you’ll probably want to continue to customize your bike. Not a problem, we’ve got you covered. We offer rotors in 11.5, 11.8, 13, and 18 inch sizes, and our signature Sinister Wheel floating caliper set. All Rotors are customizable to match any color combination and edge cut finish.

Custom Air Cleaners

Air filters are an important part of maintaining your bike. By changing your air filters out you can get a significant boost in performance. Of course, Sinister Air Cleaners are completely customizable; just remember that if you are currently running an aftermarket filter you’ll have to make a trip to the dyno first.