The Bad Boy Collection


Sinister Wheel is the perfect unison of creating inventive designs with an edge, or a “Sinister” look, while constantly pushing the market with revolutionary breakthroughs in manufacturing and quality. Sinister Wheel was founded over a decade ago with the launch of the revolutionary Wire Wheel for Lowriders. This wheel, as well as all of Sinister Wheel’s prized designs, was created through the visionary approach of Ali Afzal; the founder of Sinister Wheel and legendary master wheel craftsman. Met with tremendous success, Sinister Wheel continued to lead the market with the launch of the 1 Piece Wheel line and the advent of being one of the first manufacturers to set the precedent with the very first 20” wheel. Apart from the recognition received from the press and industry experts alike, Sinister Wheel very quickly developed a core following with individuals who respected the intense standards in quality and appreciated the truly cutting edge designs to choose from.

Each year, Sinister Wheel strives to continue to set the bar higher by challenging the limits of new product development, while constantly creating exciting new designs. In 2002, Ghosia Inc. (the parent company of Sinister Wheel) acquired the Road Wing Design, and their star product – the Fat Daddy Wheel. Sinister Wheel used this foundation to create the timeless classic known today as the Big Daddy Wheel. Again, in 2004, Sinister Wheel launched a new product by introducing Billet Wheels for Motorcycles. In 2007, Sinister Wheel added the Black Series to its existing line to provide enthusiasts with a diverse selection in creativity.

Sinister Wheel believes in the standards of American made production. While other manufactures choose to create their product overseas, Sinister Wheel still holds to the practice of carefully crafting each and every wheel in house. Only the finest materials, manufactured in the US, are used, and over 40 years of combined experience goes into each wheel released from the Sinister Wheel facility. We proudly stand behind our refined Triple Chrome Plated process, and can proudly say that each wheel is 100% made in the USA.

With such high standards in production and such an excellent assortment of design choices, Sinister Wheel has had the pleasure of serving some famous clientele. Figures such as Doug Gabreil (Professional Football Player) and Beligit (Professional Rapper) proudly enjoy their carefully crafted Sinister Wheels.

Sinister Wheel eagerly looks forward to future breakthroughs, and is always working to find new ways to give the customer limitless choices to express their creativity. With the launch of the exciting new Online Wheel Designer application, users will have the ability to customize the colors of their wheel to fully match that of their bike. We encourage you to love the joy of your ride, and express your Sinister Side!