– CNC Machined out of Aluminum
– Various widths and Teeth Count Available for Harley Davidson
– Available in Chrome and Black & Machined

From: $600.00

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    Only for Harley Davidson.

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    • 600 $

Helion Motorcycle Pulley

Sinister Wheel has the custom parts you need to make your bike one of a kind. Have a wheel in mind for your ride? Why not add a rear pulley! Sinister has a Pulley that matches your wheel. With Sinister Wheel Pulleys you have the ability to design your own Pulley in any color combination and edge cut finish. Sinister Pulleys are 100% made in house and CNC machined to perfection and are available in 61T, 65T, 66T, 68T, 70T, and 72T, with widths ranging 3/4” to 1-1/2″.

Perfect for Harley Davidson!

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