– CNC Machined out of Aluminum 6061 T6
– Air Breather by S&S Cycle
– Available in Chrome, Black & Machined, or Custom Colors

For custom powder coat upgrade please call (209) 664-0207 or contact us here.

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    Only for Harley Davidson.

    • 425 $

Shredder Air Cleaner


If you are flaunting a stylish Sinister wheel or are soon to be, why not add an air cleaner to go with it. We offer a variety of stylish air cleaners to match any wheel or bike theme. Pick your style air cleaner and choose chrome, black & machined or any custom color.

The Shredder air cleaner will give your motorcycle a boost in performance. Just know that if you are currently running a stock exhaust system the cleaner will simply bolt right on. However, if you have aftermarket exhaust then you will have to make trip to the local dyno.

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